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I started my first diary when I was 7 years old... ever since I got into the habit of writing down my experiences, thoughts, ideas and plans.

At some point I sang my words and phrases and began to accompany myself with the few chords that I was able to play on the piano.

Years later I just let the words stand by themselves. I guess that's what you call "poetry". Some might call it simple, some might call it strange or too dramatic

Name it however it pleases you or just take it in as a part of Lena Rose.

I'm inspired by my great loves Anton Pavlovič Čechov & Franz Kafka.

I deeply connect to the works of Anthony Meindl, Alice Miller, Carl Gustav Jung, Arthur Schnitzler, Max Frisch, Friedrich Dürrenmatt and Jane Austen...

Furthermore, I'm, of course, eager to perfect my English with fascinating and inspiring works of "Shakespeare", The Bronte Sisters, Oscar Wilde and the never ending list of writers and creators...

Nature GirlLena Rose


Nur ein bisschen weg...
Weg von der Welt, von dem Schmerz, vom Verstehen wollen.

Juste un peu de silence.                     

Silence faisant taire le besoin de réussir, 

cette quête sans fin à la recherche de l’équilibre.

Solo un poco de distancia.

Distancia de las personas que me aman desesperadamente, que amo con desesperación.

If I could just die a little 

they wouldn’t worry about a life without me… 

I’d still be around a little. 

Like I always have: Alive a little.

🌬 a spoken-word short film by Hanna Gruber, Lauren Klocker, Lena Rose 
🌬 produced in Vienna, Austria, 2021-2022 
🌬 in collaboration with phenomenal artists like 

      Make up, hair, styling - Franziska Fröhlich

      Choreography - Lukas Ruziczka

      Set photography - Philipp Schulz

       Graphic Design, Poster - Katharina Lorenz

       Styling assistance - VieL 

      Location - Boxquadrat

Supported by MA7 Stadt Wien



"Free the Ass…. Or the nipples … or whatever you need to express yourself in that moment. - Your. way. of. expression. is. valid."

… when playing around creates life force… ✨ … continuing to manifest multitudes… ✨

"I wanna feel, what I believe.“

And if I can’t feel what I believe yet, I will create characters that can. Like F͠A͠W͠N͠I͠L͠L͠A͠. 

Fawnilla feels beautiful in their body.

They appreciate and respect what their body and mind has to go through and how wonderfully it adapts and changes. 🦎

They are not ashamed and if something comes up,… they respect their feelings, and continue moving, breathing, connecting, sharing and giggling weirdly. 

I believe that every Body, including my body, deserves to be loved and respected.

I wanna feel, what I believe.

 READY, SET, . . 

©photography by Barbara Amon

When it gets light earlier,
and the darkness creeps in later...
When flowers start to straighten up, 
and make themselves ready to Set. 
When you observe hormones taking over creature’s bodies.

When things awaken just not yourself.

You’d be ready, all set to smell. 
You’d be ready, all set to see. 
The colors, nature, the light, ...
Instead you’re feeling the fight and the flight. 

You are different from them. 
Have to explain yourself. 
Listen to their advise. 
Advise that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Their “simple truths” they work for them. 
Don’t mind me, I’m happy that they do. 
Don’t think I haven’t tried.
I did. I’ve chewed them through. 
I don’t feel things like you do.
Passion? Love? Butterflies? Hope? Future?
Overruled by fear. 
You can stop trying my dear.

It’s spring again. 
Another year has gone by 
And you sit there and 
Without any obvious reason start to cry.

Dare to Share

The unravelling hurt.

but at some point I started to flirt:


Flirting with your demons and bad thoughts all around;

new layers of you that had been nowhere to be found...


Get naked and cry;

Smile at strangers or just be shy.

It's all in you, just be aware;

Find comfort in people and start to share...


Lena Rose

©photography by Hal Hishorn

What's up today – How do you do?

I'm not so well – Can you feel it sometimes too?

This obnoxious spell – hovering upon your head.

The seeing child – that wasn't properly fed.


I feel, I fear – the doom is so near,

the mess alive – like a movie from von Trier.

Yeah, it was WRONG, wherever I turned.

I experienced love, but mostly got burnt.


I put in what I could, didn't care about pain.

I heard & listened – how goes this sayin:

"It's what you make of it!" - "It's in your hand!"

Guilt & shame for that I can't.


"Be in control" or "Just let lose, let go!"

"Be confident, believe, and go with the flow!" ?

I tried, I'm tired, ... I've been for so long.

I want it to end, well here's the song:


Let me leave.

Let me go.

Pain is there.

It just don't show.

Lena Rose

©photography by Olga Ush

©photography by Barbara Amon

April 2, 2017 4pm

Ordnung machen, Platz schaffen.

Struktur erfüllen, mit Magie umhüllen.


„Lass den Freigeist freier Geist sein!“

Das ist ihr Rat, derer die mich unterstützen wollen.


In mir was sehen;

Die, die sich im Kreise um mich drehen.


Verstehen sie denn nicht – ohne Struktur bin ich verloren.

Als Versager wurde ich einst schon geboren.

Ein verlorener Geist, der fleht um Rat,

sich biegt und bricht, wortwörtlich, in der Tat.


Wo liegt die Balance? - Ich habe sie nicht.

Gib' mir Struktur oder eine unglückliche Pflicht.

Alles ist mir lieber als diese verlorene Kraft -

Oder irre ich mich völlig ?

Und liegt im Verlorenen eine neue Macht?


Probier' was Neues!

- Absurd soll es sein.

Kreiere ein Gedicht,

das soll zeigen dein Gesicht.

Lena Rose

At Peace

About the moment you are at peace:
Confidence and belief, you are - for once - at ease.
Breathing calm and seeing clear, 
strength regained, not much to worry, no fear. 

I seize this moment with all there is. 
I embrace my doubts and follow my bliss! 
Let's start to create, at left brain turn right; 
You are enough! No reason to fight! 

Inhale the beauty,

exhale and release!

- enjoy the moment-
You are at peace.


©photography by Manfred Reiff


◽️ "Wenn du Angst bekommst, geh' raus und sei ein Hippie!", hat sie gesagt.
◾️ "You are gold.", he said.
◽️ "You are unique.", she said.
◾️ "You will love it, you will hate it, but most importantly, you will grow...", I said.
◽️ "You are beautiful.", he said.
◾️ "People love you.", she said.
◽️ "You are weird.", he said.
◾️ "Oida, ist die hässlich." / "Maaan, she is ugly.", they said.
◽️ "You are average.", he said.
◾️ "You are smiling too much.", he said.
◽️ "Why are you looking so serious?", she said.
◾️ "You are stupid and naive.", they maybe thought.

Be aware that everything is in you. 
I will keep on trying to practice the good feeling thoughts,... for there might lie my ultimate strength....

Sometimes having no plan, no clear vision, ...

...lead to the most intense and amazing experiences:

You are feeling; fearing; following your bliss, your intuition, opening up to experiences,... like my NYC adventure ... experiences like this shoot ...

Lena Rose, May 2016

Photo by: Idan Barazani  // Producer: Halle Lewis  // MUA: Nichole Garces  // Retouch: Thomas Sieberer

〰...And on some days it is so easy to observe and feel the magic happening - without even looking for it. Celebrate and enjoy...〰

Lena Rose


"A Good Day is a day for projects and planning things"

 The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time.

Photo by  John Ellis, MUA Valeria Laskarides 

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