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Lena Ruziczka, which means „Little Rose“ in Czech, was born a Nightingale in Vienna, Austria. (Her mother's maiden name is „Slavik“, which is Czech for Nightingale.)

Even prior to school beginning, she felt the need to express herself through movement, which led her to start ballet and jazz at the age of 5. Soon she performed on stage in ballets like "The Nutcracker", "Pippi Langstrumpf", "Cinderella" and "Peter Pan".

Growing up as the sister of Jessica Slavik, a highly talented musician and singer, she couldn't but fall in love with the art of singing and playing instruments, as well. At the age of 15 she started to process her emotions by secretly writing her own songs and accompanying them with a few chords on the piano. Furthermore, she performed in several musical theatre plays, which brought forth her big love for acting.

After graduating from high school she quit dance to focus on her band projects and to prepare herself for auditions for an acting university.

However, being not fully aware of and confident with her talent for arts and being of a very curious, adventurous and restless mind she made little detours in life. One brought her to live in Los Angeles for a year, working for Randal Kleiser and honing her abilities in filmmaking and photography.


Back in Austria she studied English and American Studies, Liberal Arts, at the Vienna University and made her living by tutoring, being a waitress and wedding singer and working on film sets behind the camera. People accredit her with a particularly sharp eye when it comes to editing. Furthermore, she made her living by teaching dance, including modern dance, ballet and pole dance to clients of all ages.


At some point she decided to go back to her roots and study Musical Theatre at the Performing Academy Vienna, where she graduated in 2014.

Thanks to Ruth Brauer-Kvam, whom she calls her mentor, and a few other angels that she met along her curvy path Lena Rose established her name as an actress, dancer, performer, singer and model.

Lena loves yoga, reading, meditation, researching people and questioning life...

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