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... welcome to Lena Rose's Land...

Although acting is her main focus, Lena strives to defy labels and limitations:

She sings, dances, writes, composes, produces and models to allow her feelings, visions and ideas to be expressed through a variety of mediums.



Fall 2023

Cologne, Berlin, London, Vienna

  • acting workshop with casting director Nancy Bishop & director Peter Webber

  • acting workshop with Austrian director Clara Stern

  • short film shoot of David Carey's comedy "Oh Me Hole"

  • film shoot for Filmakademie "Sensory Overload", directed by Lisa Grabner, produced by Jakob Widmann


  • teaching yoga and getting back to pole dance

Summer 2023

Project (music & film) planning with Hanna Gruber - The Feel Fighters

Demidov Acting Workshop in Vienna, with Andrei Biziorek

Spring 2023

One month back in the city I call home: New York City

  • Acting with Rebecca Falkner and Jason Buyer at AMAW

  • Dance classes at Broadway Dance Center

  • Singing Classes with Broadway singer Katerina McCrimmon

  • Inspirational plays on Broadway: Leopoldstadt, The Wanderers with Katie Holmes, A Doll's House with Jessica Chastain

January 2023

First public screening of JUST A LITTLE

  • a spoken word short film produced and written by Lena Rose 

Became a member of drehü

December 2022

Shooting the short film Soll Dein Schaden Nicht Sein

  • by Lucas Lörch, with Sebastian Pass, @Filmakademie

Raiffeisenbank Österreich commercial-shoot

  • Print, TV, Kino

New agency in Germany BOBBY DAZZLER (Berlin)

Newcomer Award at Festival of Nations for the short film JUST A LITTLE

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